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CREATIVE TIME: Ashley Ferro-Murray

For me, tactics consist of making. Tactics take one thing and make it into something new. Tactics make things available in a different way. Michel De Certeau is interested in identifying tactics as the poetic “making” that works within systems of production such as “television, urban development, commerce, etc.” where consumers are otherwise left unable to “indicate what they make or do with the products in these systems”.*

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“A plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result.” – Dictionary.com

I find it to be a strange concept. I, an individual who desires to be an artist of some sort, someone who can both take from and give back to the community in visuals, am lost in its definition.

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Tactics. The word brings to mind images of military regalia, strict formations, dim rooms with maps. Strategy, a plan, what to do, where to go. Tactics are a road map to success. Every person out there is striving for some kind of success whether it is something defined such as career success, or something more abstract like personal fulfillment.

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CREATIVE TIME: Jamshed Vesuna

Tactics can be interesting things. They can be used to progress through a society and built upon almost anything. Tactics are a method of understanding and then either building upon or tearing down. In order to develop this so called tactic, one must first understand. A tactic to build or tear a system cannot be created without a deep level of understanding of the inner workings of the said system.

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