Affiliate Faculty

10661654934_cdaf1e29a5_zARC Affiliates are faculty with interdisciplinary, arts-affiliated research interests, who often participate in ARC-sponsored programs such as the ARC Fellows program, the Berkeley Arts Seminars, ARC symposia, salons, and charrettes. These activities build community and connection among faculty, and what begins as informal conversations can often grow into concrete, ARC-sponsored projects. Past ARC affiliates have organized themselves into sub-groups around research rubrics such as “Art + Time,” “Art + Neighborhood,” “Art + STEM”, and we hope to work more intensely on research focused on intra-arts (time-based and interdisciplinary art) and also art and social change.

ARC currently has over 50 affiliated faculty, drawn from across the campus, listed below by department:

African American Studies

Leigh Raiford
Associate Professor of African American Studies


Hélène Mialet
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Raveevarn Choksombatchai
Associate Professor of Architecture

Margaret Crawford
Professor of Architecture

C. Greig Crysler
Assistant Professor of Architecture

Nicholas de Monchaux
Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Design

Andrew Shanken
Assistant Professor of Architecture

Art History

Julia Bryan-Wilson
Associate Professor of Art History

Whitney Davis
Professor of Art History

Lauren Kroiz
Assistant Professor of History of Art

Art Practice

Greg Niemeyer
Associate Professor of Art Practice

Brody Reiman
Assistant Professor of Art Practice

Stephanie Syjuco
Assistant Professor of Art Practice

Anne Walsh
Associate Professor of Art Practice

City & Regional Planning

Teresa Caldeira 
Professor of City & Regional Planning

Karen Chapple
Professor of City & Regional Planning
Director, Center for Community Innovation

Comparative Literature

Michael Lucey
Professor of French and Comparative Literature

Miryam Sas
Associate Professor of Film Studies and Comparative Literature

Sophie Volpp
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Languages & Cultures

Computer Science

Brian Barsky
Professor of Computer Science and Vision Science
Affiliate Professor of Optometry

Ken Goldberg
Professor of Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium

Eric Paulos
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Berkeley Center for New Media
Co-Director, CITRIS Invention Lab


Charles Altieri (Founding Member)
Professor of English

Lyn Hejinian
Professor of English

Georgina Kleege
Lecturer, English Department

Scott Saul
Associate Professor of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ethnic Studies

Laura Pérez
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies

Film and Media

Weihong Bao
Assistant Professor, Department of Film and Media
Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Jeffrey Skoller
Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies


Deborah Blocker
Associate Professor of French

Suzanne Guerlac
Professor of French


Karen Feldman
Professor of German


Tom Laqueur
Helen Fawcett Professor of History


Ken Light
Photo Director and Adjunct Professor of Journalism


Edmund Campion
Professor of Music

Myra Melford
Associate Professor of Music

Mary Ann Smart
Professor of Music

Ken Ueno
Associate Professor of Music

Near Eastern Studies

Chana Kronfeld
Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies


Alva Noë
Professor of Philosophy

Public Health

Seth Holmes
Assistant Professor of Health and Social Behavior

Public Policy

Michael O’Hare
Professor of Public Policy


Trinh T. Minh-Ha
Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Rhetoric

Winnie Wong
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

School of Law

Carla Shapreau
Lecturer, School of Law
Research Associate, Institute of European Studies

Spanish and Portuguese

Natalia Brizuela
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Anthony Cascardi (Founding Member)
Dean, Arts & Humanities
Professor of Comparative Literature, Spanish & Portuguese, and Rhetoric

Candace Slater
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Abigail de Kosnik
Assistant Professor of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies and Berkeley Center for New Media

Peter Glazer
Associate Professor of Directing, Performance Studies

Joe Goode
Professor of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Shannon Jackson (Founding Member)
Director, Arts Research Center
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Arts & Humanities
Professor of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies and Rhetoric

SanSan Kwan
Assistant Professor, Dance and Performance Studies

Angela Marino
Assistant Professor, Latin American and U.S. Theater and Performance

Lisa Wymore
Associate Professor of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies

Campus Arts Affiliates

Jeremy Geffen
Executive and Artistic Director, Cal Perfomances

Katy Tucker
Associate Director of Administration and Programming, Cal Performances

Julie Rodrigues Widholm
Director, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Affiliate Emeriti

Janet Adelman
Shawn Brixey
Janet Broughton
TJ Clark (Founding Member)
Harrison Fraker (Founding Member)
Mark Griffith
Kaja Silverman
Katherine Sherwood
Anne Wagner
Linda Williams
Bill Worthen