ARC Space Rental

The Arts Research Center is a think tank for the arts. 
For over 20 years, it has acted as a hub and a meeting place, a space for reflection where artists, scholars, curators, and civic arts leaders from a variety of disciplines can gather and learn from one another. ARC has over 75 faculty affiliates and incredible co-sponsors and partners across campus and beyond.

ARC Space Rental Guidelines

*We are currently full for spring 2023 and are no longer taking room requests.*

As part of our mission, the Arts Research Center loans out its space in co-sponsorship for arts & humanities events. We also aim to support the vibrant community around us in Hearst Field Annex when schedules allow. ARC is limited to 66 people in our gathering space. Requests must sent a month minimum prior to event date, and someone on your team must meet with ARC staff on site. Email Associate Director Laurie Macfee with questions and requests at Due to our own scheduling and small staff, we try to accept no more than one extra event per week. 

Room Layouts:

  • Conference table: Room for 16 around table, additional chairs pulled up
  • Lecture space: Chairs are set up 8-10 across with an aisle up the center for access, can leave a table and chairs at front for conversation, can roll out extra tables
  • Workshop: Tables spread out with 6 chairs around each, units can bring in their own additional tables around the periphery
  • Performances: plays, music etc.


  • Renter must have a staff point person on site during the whole event
  • ARC must be returned to the original layout, with six tables locked into a conference table in the center of the room, and 16 birch chairs placed around it
  • If you move the rug and couch, these must be returned as well 
  • Wipe down tables with Clorox wipes or spray if necessary
  • Place all recycling/trash in containers; if full, please place in trash area outside HFA.
  • Clean up any major spills
  • ARC interior office will be locked if an event is after our regular hours
  • Please use furniture only as intended (we can’t believe we have to say this 🙂)

ARC currently has: 

  • 65 chairs on site
  • 6 tables on wheels, configured as a conference table but can be moved
  • Podium with sound speaker built in
  • Projector and screen
  • Sitting area with loveseat
  • Access to Eduroam wifi and Cal visitor 
  • Entrance hallway to check in visitors
  • Bathrooms (gender inclusive!) in hallway
  • ADA accessible
  • If you want to use ARC’s refrigerator/kitchen area, you must get approval from ARC staff


  • Podium with microphone & speaker, plus projector on site
  • We have an adapter for the projector that accepts multiple dongles, but you must provide your own extra dongles particular to your computer
  • No tech person on site, must run own tech
  • No recording equipment or extra mics on site, must run yourself or use ETS


  • Outside hallway door is open 10am – 5pm Mon – Thurs, the door is programmed by campus Facilities. If you want the outside hall door open after hours, you need to work with HFA facilities manager Todd Koenisberg and apply for key card access using this form. Apply 2 wks early for assured access.
  • ARC’s door is locked, we can work with you to have it open at certain times, or provide you with a key card to be returned
  • Back door is permanently locked on the outside! If you go out, you have to go around to get in, or have someone inside let you in


  • If you are going to serve alcohol, you must get a campus permit and supervisory staff member must be on site for carding
  • The supervising of the alcohol serving is up to the unit
  • ARC can accommodate catering and have it dropped off while you are on site
  • Unit must bring all their own serving utensils, plates, cups, silverware
  • There are 4 trash bins on site (recycling, compost, paper, landfill); if you fill them up or have platters and empty bottles etc. please put them outside in HFA trash area
  • Please be respectful of ARC’s kitchen and our private supplies, thank you!


  • We live in a wonderful vibrant community, please be respectful of our neighbors
  • If you are going to do a loud performance, we may email neighbors to let them know in advance


  • In addition to regular heat units, ARC is lucky to have two air conditioning and heater wall units. If you turn on, please turn off at end of your event.


  • There is a grass courtyard in the middle of the Annex with 8 picnic tables, that can be checked out separately from facilities if affiliated with an HFA community member. Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing this and we can put you in contact.

When you leave:

  • Lights are on timers and will turn off automatically
  • Return room to original configuration, check air/heat is off
  • Make sure ARC back door is pulled tightly shut & front door is locked
  • Place extra trash in outside bins, behind HFA