End of Year Wrap-Up from the Arts Research Center

In an academic year irrevocably shaped by the pandemic, wildfires, and political resistance in the US and around the globe, the Arts Research Center focused on interlocking themes of visual activism and poetry as a resource during times of crisis.  We hosted 14 events featuring over 60 participants, including a reimagined asynchronous poetry festival. All of our talks and readings are archived on our website, and you can view our end of year wrap-up here

Please stay safe and take care this summer—and we look forward to reconnecting in Fall 2021!

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Julia Bryan-Wilson
Director, Arts Research Center

Revisit ARC’s Poetry and the Senses Fellows’ Reading

The Arts Research Center celebrated the 2021 Spring Poetry Fellows with a reading featuring: reelaviolette botts-ward, Vethea Cole, Elizabeth Feng, Sara Mumolo, Ramona Naddaff, Ken Ueno, Noah Warren, and Maw Shein Win. This event was a part of ARC’s Poetry and the Senses initiative generously sponsored by Engaging the Senses Foundation.

During spring 2021, ARC and these amazing poetry fellows have explored the theme of emerge/ncy: voices to carry with us in times of crisis. Motivating questions include, what kinds of poetic modes of address might be recruited in times of global catastrophe? How does poetry help us think through and within crisis? “Emergency” implies urgency, sudden harm, life-threatening violence, and extreme circumstances, but embedded within it is the word “emergence;” suggesting rebirth and new beginnings. How can we understand moments of emergency as catalysts for renewal, as ruptures that signal massive—if painful—change? 

Watch their conversation here.

Revisit Poetry & the Senses’ Spring 2021 Flash Reading Series

In these continued changing times, ARC took the idea of a poetry festival and spread it out over a semester, online. During National Poetry Month—April 2021—we piloted a new Flash Reading Series featuring 25 Bay Area community poets responding to our theme of emerge/ncy. 

In addition to larger monthly readings (here), this series extended the idea of voices we want to carry with us in imperiled times. Featured were Bay Area poets Kim Addonizio, Bahaar Ahsan, Ari Banias, William Brewer, MK Chavez, Jennifer Cheng, Sophia Dahlin, Jennifer Foerster, C.S. Giscombe, Brenda Hillman, Jane Hirshfield, Leena Joshi, Raina Leon,  최 Lindsay, Thea Matthews, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Brittany Perham, D.A. Powell, Barbara Reyes, Rachel Richardson, sam sax, Kim Shuck, Juliana Spahr, and D’mani Thomas.

Find their videos here.