Fall 2020 at the Arts Research Center
Visual Activism

As we smell the colliding catastrophes in the air around us, I will resist rehearsing platitudes about what a challenging time this is. Instead, I invite you to engage with the artists and poets ARC is hosting this fall, all of whom work at the intersection of art and activism and all of whom inspire us, move us, and galvanize us. All of them use creative practices (including protest graphics, queer humor, innovative technology, and conceptual art) to further racial and economic justice.  

Our upcoming event is on Tuesday, November 24 at 11:30am PST. Join us for a conversation with Ajuan Mance from 1001 Black Men. Event details can be found here.

I look forward to seeing you virtually at all our events!  

Julia Bryan-Wilson
Director, Arts Research Center

Silence is Violence | Statement from the Arts Research Center

George FloydBreonna Taylor. Ahmaud ArberyTony McDade. We say their names in order to express our horror and rage at the ongoing crisis of anti-Black police violence in this country and across the world. We call for the immediate demilitarization of the UC Berkeley campus, where the five of us lead academic research centers committed to anti-racist justice; this includes severing ties with police departments, ending contracts with private security companies, and changing cultures of “safety” so that the thriving, not the criminalization, of Black men, Black women, Black trans, and Black non-binary people is prioritized. 

UC Berkeley as an institution and as a collective of individuals must act to dismantle structures of racism and discrimination. We call on the administration to prioritize funding of the intellectual, cultural, and social labor of transforming the white, ableist and heteropatriarchal privilege that gives rise to the dehumanizing naturalization of physical, psychological, and socially systemic violence against people of color and other marginalized communities.  We move in solidarity with the Black community on campus and nation-wide.

Signed collectively,

Julia Bryan-Wilson, Director, Arts Research Center
Mel Y. Chen, Director, Center for the Study of Sexual Culture
Abigail De Kosnik, Director, Berkeley Center for New Media
Beth Piatote, Interim Director, Center for Race and Gender
Laura E. Pérez, Chair, Latinx Research Center

June 3, 2020

Now Online | Readings by our Poetry and the Senses Fellows

A reading by Jenif(f)er Tamayo (link)

A reading by Jared Robinson (link)

A reading by Alex Saum-Pascual (link)

Now Online | In Terms of Performance, a keywords anthology for contemporary cultural practice

In Terms of Performance is a keywords anthology designed to provoke discovery and generate shared literacies across disciplines. It features essays and interviews from more than 50 prominent artists, curators, presenters, and scholars who reflect on common yet contested terms in contemporary cultural practice. The publication is produced by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia and the Arts Research Center and is co-edited by Shannon Jackson, former director of the Arts Research Center, and Paula Marincola, executive director of the Pew Center. To read the free publication online, please see here.