ARC Fellows

ARC Fellows Program for UC Berkeley Graduate Students and Faculty

*We are excited to announce that our longstanding ARC Fellow Program will support our new 2-year Poetry and the Senses Initiative. Please click here for details. The fall 2022 fellowship will open May 4, 2022. 


The ARC Fellows Program advances interdisciplinary research in the arts at UC Berkeley by supporting self-nominated pairs of graduate students and faculty members as they pursue semester-long collaborative projects of their own design.

The goals of this program are:

  • to encourage collaboration across disciplines, departments, and colleges;
  • to cultivate a community of artists and arts scholars with interdisciplinary interests;
  • to develop a climate of shared mentorship for both faculty and graduate student research;
  • and to pilot projects related to research interests being explored at the Arts Research Center.


The faculty-student collaborations may involve pairs from the same department or from very different departments and can take a number of forms, including:

  • A graduate student and a faculty member working together as partners on a project
  • A graduate student providing assistance on a faculty member’s project
  • A faculty member providing assistance on a graduate student’s project

Participants benefit from interaction with a cohort of colleagues with interdisciplinary research interests. Both student and faculty ARC Fellows will participate in a twice-monthly lunch seminar. At each session, one student-faculty pair will interact with the cohort in the manner that best serves their project:

  • Sharing preliminary research results or goals
  • Leading group readings of pre-circulated writing
  • Presenting one another’s work
  • Conducting a work-in-progress critique
  • “Workshopping” material
  • Rehearsing a formal research presentation

For participating in the program for the entire semester, each ARC Fellow will receive an unrestricted research grant of $1000 (each student-faculty pair will receive a total of $2000).


The ARC Fellows program is open to all advanced graduate students (usually those who have advanced to candidacy in a PhD program and/or are in a later stage of research in a Masters program) and ladder-rank faculty at UC Berkeley who are conducting arts-related research. Students and faculty from different departments and programs are encouraged to apply together, though graduate students and their primary advisors may apply together as well. All applications must be joint applications.


ARC Fellows will be notified of their selection in January. After an orientation session in late January, the cohort will meet twice a month in February, March, and April from 12 to 2pm. Participants must be available to attend all these sessions. Catered lunch will be provided.