September 1, 9am-12pm: Arts + Design Faculty Research Forum

At a time when many tout the importance of “creativity,” Berkeley’s arts and design landscape offers a uniquely bracing context for creative experimentation, one enriched by the scientific and cultural wealth of a world-class research university, one propelled by our historic commitment to public access and social impact.  The Arts + Design Initiative supports faculty artists and scholars in a shared effort to identify the broad and distinctive strengths of UC Berkeley’s arts and design profile. We seek to support interdisciplinary teams of scholars, artists, designers, curators, advanced students, alumni, and expert staff to excavate and analyze the past and present state of UC Berkeley’s creative landscape and develop road maps for its future.

Co-hosted by the VCR’s Office, the Faculty forum on Creativity, Diversity, Technology, and Social Impact offers faculty the opportunity to present collaborative research projects on a range of key topics and new innovations across the fields of arts and design.  Members of Berkeley’s wider community (faculty and graduate students) will be invited to listen, respond, debate, and deliberate in both plenary sessions and break-out groups on selected topics.

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Upcoming Event: September 12 | Symposium in honor of SF Opera’s Premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber



ARC | Arts + Design is delighted to program a series of events, in partnership with Anthony Cascardi, Dean of the Arts & Humanities and the Center for Chinese Studies, to celebrate the San Francisco Opera’s world premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber, directed by UC Berkeley Alumnus Stan Lai. Lai is one of the most acclaimed playwrights and directors in East Asia known, not only for creating some of the most notable works for modern Chinese theater, but also for crafting new genres and innovative staging.

Join us on September 12 for a symposium In Honor of Dream of the Red Chamber, where scholars and artists will gather for an afternoon of conversation on the music, stage, and words of this opera. The symposium culminates in a conversation between Stan Lai and Wen-hsin Yeh, the Richard H. and Laurie C. Morrison Professor in History at UC Berkeley. Kindly note your attendance here.

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Cal Smart Wallet – Great Offers Exclusively for Members of the UC Berkeley Community












The UC Berkeley Arts + Design Initiative has partnered with Recreational Sports and Ziploop on the Cal Smart Wallet. Designed exclusively for the UC Berkeley community, the mobile platform will provide high value offers and savings from selected campus & community brands. UC Berkeley Students can see and receive discounts from Cal Performances, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMFPA), and the Music and Theatre, Dance and Performance Students Departments. Download the Ziploop app today to unlock you pre-loaded high value offers.

And always remember! Enrolled Cal students can enjoy free admission to campus galleries and museums, including BAMPFA, CITRIS Tech Museum, Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, The Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley, the Worth Ryder Gallery and Wurster Hall Gallery? Students! Take advantage of free access to UC Berkeley’s incredible creative culture!


To access the “Cal Smart Wallet” download Ziploop on the App Store or Google Play, sign up with your @berkeley.edu email, and unlock your Cal Arts + Design Pass! Learn more here!