ARC Co-Sponsorships

In each of the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters, ARC will have $2500 available for general co-sponsorships of arts–related events, towards the support of creative research on campus for our partner units. Funds are available in amounts of $200-$500 per event.

When the funds are dispersed in full each semester, the form will close. The funds can be requested by any unit/faculty on campus planning an event central to creative research, whether in the arts, sciences, humanities, etc. There must be a campus approved chartstring available for material transfer of the funds. This form is currently only open for FALL 2023; we will begin accepting requests for spring 2024 on December 1.

This form can also be used to request ARC space co-sponsorships. We rent out our Loft space for  lectures/workshops/conferences (space info here) but will co-sponsor a limited number of events at no cost as part of our co-sponsorship. Student groups: you do not need a chartstring for space co-sponsorships! Please fill out that section if you are requesting support. Note: due to a very limited staff size, no event coordinator, and the fact that events are next to our office space, we will only be programming on a limited basis. Thank you for your understanding!

Arts Research Center Staff will consider requests the first Monday of each month, please apply early and accordingly to cover your event. 

ARC has also begun yearly mission co-sponsorships. These are designed to make a significant contribution to an artist / writer / dancer / playwright / musician / filmmaker / art historian / etc visit to campus, and are given at the discretion of Director Beth Piatote, with support from Associate Director Laurie Macfee. Our mission co-sponsorships are already pledged for fall 2023, and partially committed for spring 2024. If you have an event in the spring you would like significant support for from ARC, please reach out to Beth with all the details, at, and please cc Laurie at Thank you!!