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Thought Log #15 The dawn is the opposite direction. Follow the lacy trails through the valley of doom. I dim from the outside & quiver on the inside. Siren sounds from the bog. Flamadiddle, Long Roll, Ratamacue. Swollen glimmers, bewildered chickens. We met in a tasting parlor. Stonecrop, scotch broom, willets. Sentence without verbs. Amber […]

Making Trauma Notes Questions of culpability are often both foreground and background in my discussions about writing trauma with Rusty Morrison.* They emerge because I’m working on a book of connected poems that explore trauma’s antecedents and legacies, its truths and untruths. I use the writing itself as a means to question how one’s traumas […]

Non-time and Decolonizing Affordances of Failure by Ken Ueno “In the present characterized by an excess of openings and dissolving boundaries, we are losing the capacity for closure, and this means that life is becoming a purely additive process. For something to die, life must find its own closure. If life is deprived of any […]

Emergency I came into the Arts Research Center fellowship imagining that I would push forward projects that I’d begun early in the pandemic—projects haunted by the uncertainty and fear of those first months, which felt like keys into the greater uncertainty and fear that had been there all along. In those first months, I would walk […]

sanctified children on the emergence of blackgirl spirit form+ the discovery of inner wisdom BY REELAVIOLETTE BOTTS-WARD i often stareat how firedances, andwonder ifever i couldbe that free i often noticewhat wind doesto tree, and wonder if she’s fighting ordancing. i be moving my bodylike art in my mirrormaking play thingout my own skinmaking gracefulout […]

Polo Horses I’ve started to think making art is like owning a polo horse, or buying a Lamborghini in the midst of a recession. I’ll be editing a video and have this moment where I’m staring at Premiere Pro, and think: Christ, this is so stupid. Am I really editing and re-editing this same 30 […]

Mirrors a binding of various journal entries on the power of generational knowledge, healing, and coping Vethea Cerna Cole When attempting to write delicate words on emergency, all I have been able to think aboutinstead is what it means to emerge into, alongside what it means to merge together as one (afterbeing apart, especially). The […]

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Poetry reading with Safia Elhillo, Hieu Minh Nguyen, and Craig Santos Perez By: Menat Allah El Attma, April 12, 2021 “You are getting dressed. You stand in front of a mirror. And your peers are that mirror telling you: You’re not wearing pants.Why aren’t you wearing pants?”   Hieu Minh Nguyen depicts the first draft, […]