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Asian-Americans are notorious for doing well academically. According to a report published by the Pew Research Center this past June, the rapid rise in Asian immigrants along with a high cultural value placed upon education and academic success, it is of no surprise that the growing influx of Asian-Americans into the high-skilled workforce is occurring (and arguably, has already occurred). Asians represent only five percent of the U.S. population, yet represent three to five times that in Ivy League universities.

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CREATIVE TIME: Dorothy Santos

Artists, writers, and technologists are expected to create with certain parameters before bending and breaking the rules. With new media art, programming, creative coding, and open source culture seem to be exploring new ways that are redefining contemporary art. The interactive and immersive works prevalent in new media works offer an entirely different experience of art. Yet, what happens when the body performs and serves as the catalyst for the production and creation of an artwork?

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On making objects. For me that begins sometimes with an impulse, sometimes with an idea. But usually the impulse turns into something because ideas are like dreams – they come and they go. And then, after a while that impulse turns into an established behavior. I think then, after a while, can one learn about what it is really about, the deepening process happens, the connection of dots. Sometimes I make ceramic things.

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“A plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result.” – Dictionary.com

I find it to be a strange concept. I, an individual who desires to be an artist of some sort, someone who can both take from and give back to the community in visuals, am lost in its definition.

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