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CREATIVE TIME: Andrew Weiner

Can the concept of tactics itself still serve a tactical purpose? One answer to this question would start by considering the extent to which “tactics” has become overdetermined in our present conjuncture. A genealogy of the term in its current sense would trace back through Michel de Certeau’s well-known appropriations of military theory to its usage in France circa 1968 around the Situationist International (as in Raoul Vaneigem’s Revolution of Everyday Life).

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My thoughts on inequity, making, occupation, and tactics are currently entangled. I am thinking through a recent paper by Daphne Plessner published online via Art & Education. At the moment, I cannot say anything better than she, so please forgive the cheap trick of supplying a quote and a link as my application into the Summit viewing party.

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Occupy as Form: Amanda Eicher

I am curious about how we have come to use the word tactic, a word which is distinctly military in form, but which is also at play in contemporary art practice through the use of phrases such as tactical aesthetics and tactical media. It seems to me that many of the gestures we make in everyday life may slip in and out of the frame of tactics, depending on their context.

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