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Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester

Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester from Associate Vice Chancellor for the Arts + Design and ARC Director Shannon Jackson It’s an exciting start to the fall semester, and already our many departments, centers, museums, labs, and theaters are mobilizing the creativity of our campus with new classes, exhibits, performances, lectures, and social events. It is also […]

ART/CITY: Larry Rinder

BAM/PFA has just completed a new five-year strategic plan. The plan’s goals are meant to define who we will be a year after moving to our new downtown Berkeley location—on Oxford Street between Center and Addison Streets–in 2015. The very first goal reads as follows:

“BAM/PFA is a uniquely dynamic, diverse, and engaging cultural ‘town square.’”

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Occupy as Form: Amanda Eicher

I am curious about how we have come to use the word tactic, a word which is distinctly military in form, but which is also at play in contemporary art practice through the use of phrases such as tactical aesthetics and tactical media. It seems to me that many of the gestures we make in everyday life may slip in and out of the frame of tactics, depending on their context.

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SITUATED: Allison Smith

1) What are you most looking forward to from this gathering?
I am most looking forward to seeing the same set of things using a different set of lenses.
2) What are the top five lessons you want to share to fellow artists and community leaders about the kind of work you do?
Most likely no one will encourage you to do the most important work, because it hasn’t been done yet and is literally unthinkable. If your idea feels awkward at first, it may mean that it is especially worth pursuing.

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