CREATIVE TIME: Lily Alexander

On October 12, the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley and the Curatorial Practice at the California College of the Arts are partnering to host a live-streaming of the Creative Time Summit, an annual conference in New York that brings together cultural producers–including artists, critics, writers, and curators–to discuss how their work engages pressing issues affecting our world. To jump-start the conversation in advance of the event, attendees have been asked to submit a paragraph on a keyword associated with one of the summit themes: Inequities, Occupations, Making, or Tactics. This posting is by Lily Alexander, Visual Studies PhD student at UC Santa Cruz.
Keywords: Occupations, Tactics, Making, Inequities
I am frustrated by ‘Occupation,’ I am frustrated by ‘Tactics,’ and I am angered daily by Inequity.  The Occupation feels like it is in the postcolonial throes of agony, the artist’s ‘Tactics’ outmaneuvered, and Inequity rises beneath us, the very foundation of our social fabric.  ‘Making’ feels like the only way to take this unwieldy world and craft it into the stuff of dreams. But then whose dreams? What to make? Or more importantly how to make it? Then this indecision paralyzes …and wasn’t it ‘Making’ that got us into this mess? I reject the postmodern pit of fire – I will Make my way out, I just don’t know if I know the way – yet. But I do understand now that it is in the struggle of the daily ‘Making’ rather than in the fetishes of battle or despair that salvation lies.