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Studio Time: Recap

The crowd listened in rapt silence as Adamson, the author of Thinking through Craft, editor of The Craft Reader, co-editor of The Journal of Modern Craft, described his personal journey towards a career focused on craft, and then made this extraordinary statement:

I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve decided that this is the last public talk I’m going to give about craft, at least for a while. The Invention of Craft, which I mentioned earlier, will also be the last book I write with craft in the title… again at least for a while.

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SITUATED: Allison Smith

1) What are you most looking forward to from this gathering?
I am most looking forward to seeing the same set of things using a different set of lenses.
2) What are the top five lessons you want to share to fellow artists and community leaders about the kind of work you do?
Most likely no one will encourage you to do the most important work, because it hasn’t been done yet and is literally unthinkable. If your idea feels awkward at first, it may mean that it is especially worth pursuing.

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Sustaining Central Market Arts

This coming Monday, September 12, we will be hosting a retreat and working session devoted to Sustaining the Arts in the Central Market district of San Francisco. With seed funding from UCIRA, ARC is working to build artistic partnerships between the UC system and arts organizations of Northern California. One of our tasks is to think long-term about the role of the arts in Bay Area neighborhoods—as a means for building community, as a force in local economies, and as vehicles for provoking critical and imaginative reflection. As it turns out, sectors of higher education have a great deal in common with sectors of arts and culture. Our hope is to craft reciprocal relationships across sectors—creating opportunities for artists and students, civic leaders and faculty—so that all boats rise.

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