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Studio Time: Recap

The crowd listened in rapt silence as Adamson, the author of Thinking through Craft, editor of The Craft Reader, co-editor of The Journal of Modern Craft, described his personal journey towards a career focused on craft, and then made this extraordinary statement:

I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve decided that this is the last public talk I’m going to give about craft, at least for a while. The Invention of Craft, which I mentioned earlier, will also be the last book I write with craft in the title… again at least for a while.

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STUDIO TIME: Glenn Adamson

Little did I know, growing up, that I was living through a period of decline. Born in 1972, I was too young to experience the height of the subcultural craft movement, in which hippie idealism on the one hand and crass commercialism were inexorably intertwining. Suffice to say that the popular enthusiasm that craft had enjoyed in the 1960s and ‘70s did not survive the harsher climate of the 80s, and by the time that I began working in the field of craft history and theory came round, my subject was distinctly unpopular.

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