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CREATIVE TIME: Stuart Sherwin

Occupation is a word whose meaning has changed in many people’s minds this past year. It’s connotation, at least for many people of a certain political persuasion, now suggests a consensual, intentional gathering of people. It now evokes a sense of community-building and collective striving. But we should not forget the historical meaning of the word–and not delude ourselves into thinking that we are really occupiers.

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CREATIVE TIME: Scott Tsuchitani

One of the keyword statements for ARC’s “Occupy as Form” last February, “Occupy the Hood — We are the 99%” by Gina Acebo, eloquently spoke to the need to center a racial analysis within the narrative of the Occupy movement because people of color are disproportionately affected by the issues that the Occupy movement raised.

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Occupy as Form: Recap

“The central framing device for the working session was to try to consider the overlapping roles of activism, art, and scholarship. There were several activities that were designed to cultivate discussion about these overlapping concerns including a lively “speed dating” session in which the participants were set up in pairs and given the opportunity to quickly exchange insights about the personal meaning and significance of the movement.”

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