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11/17 Camille T. Dungy & Ross Gay

Camille T. Dungy & Ross Gay: Black Nature, Poetry, and Coexistence in conversation with Aya de León and Maurya Kerr Wednesday, November 17th 2021 5:00 – 6:30pm PST Watch the livestream on YouTube here. This event is presented by the Arts Research Center and Engaging the Senses Foundation, and co-sponsored by the Black Studies Collaboratory, […]

10/20 Celebrating Cave Canem

Celebrating Cave Canem: Cornelius Eady with Morgan Parker & Cameron Awkward-Rich in conversation with Chiyuma Elliott & Vincente Perez Wednesday, October 20th 2021, from 5:00 – 6:30pm PST Watch the captioned livestream on YouTube here. A review of the event can be found here. This event is presented by the Arts Research Center in partnership […]

Fall 2021 Flash Reading Series

In spring 2021, ARC piloted a new Flash Reading Series featuring two dozen Bay Area community poets. We are thrilled to continue this series this fall, adding a dozen more Bay Area poets to our growing archive, with more to be added in spring. In addition to larger monthly readings (here) this series extends the number of voices we want […]

Thought Log #15 The dawn is the opposite direction. Follow the lacy trails through the valley of doom. I dim from the outside & quiver on the inside. Siren sounds from the bog. Flamadiddle, Long Roll, Ratamacue. Swollen glimmers, bewildered chickens. We met in a tasting parlor. Stonecrop, scotch broom, willets. Sentence without verbs. Amber […]

Making Trauma Notes Questions of culpability are often both foreground and background in my discussions about writing trauma with Rusty Morrison.* They emerge because I’m working on a book of connected poems that explore trauma’s antecedents and legacies, its truths and untruths. I use the writing itself as a means to question how one’s traumas […]

Non-time and Decolonizing Affordances of Failure by Ken Ueno “In the present characterized by an excess of openings and dissolving boundaries, we are losing the capacity for closure, and this means that life is becoming a purely additive process. For something to die, life must find its own closure. If life is deprived of any […]