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Over the past summer, I went to China to visit my relatives. My mother’s side of the family lives in Nanjing, and my father’s family in Shandong. The most striking aspect of the entire trip was the wealth disparity; my mother’s parents came from better conditions and lived in a wealthier city, and while visiting her family, the general abundance seemed to permeate every aspect of the time I spent there.

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One of the more obnoxious memes today is the notion that equal access to university education is a right. While this may sound plausible as stated, there are several troubling implications in accepting it. Firstly, is it really about education? The same education can be obtained cheaply and easily through the internet or libraries, and indeed auto-didacticism was once a prized trait.

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CREATIVE TIME: Anuradha Vikram

What is an Occupation? The word’s connotations are phenomenological, political and cultural in their scope. The Occupy movement has come to symbolize widespread dissatisfaction with the corporatization of democracy throughout the Western World. This dissatisfaction is no doubt shared by many in the Global South, particularly in the large democracies of Brazil and India.

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