Poetry and the Senses Application FAQs

Help! I finished the application but forgot where to send my CV and work sample!

No problem! Please email your CV/resume (saved in one file) and creative writing sample (up to 5 poems/prose poems/etc, 7 pgs max, saved in one file) by November 20, 2022 to ARC Associate Director Laurie Macfee at: arcpoetry@berkeley.edu.

CV and writing sample files must be in doc/docx/pdf format, with your name included in the title (for example: L Clifton – CV).

IMPORTANT: We will be attaching these to your online application form. To separate applicants from Berkeley and Hawai’i, in the email subject line please write the University area you are applying from/CategoryFirstName LastName. For example: Berkeley/Undergrad Application – Your Name.

What are the application dates again?
Submissions open for ARC Poetry Fellowships for UC Berkeley and UH Mānoa applicants on October 25. We will accept applications through November 20 at 11:59pm PDT. We expect to have the judging results announced by December 20. Applications for Arizona State University will open in spring 2023 (expected April).

I am a student/faculty at another UC campus outside of UC Berkeley or another UH campus outside of University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa, can I still apply?
We’re so sorry, the grant is slated only for matriculated Berkeley and UH Mānoa students and faculty. However if you happen to be living in the SF Bay Area during the 2023 academic year, or on O’ahu during the spring 2023 semester, you can apply for one of the community poet slots!

I create prose poetry/hybrid work/experimental/political/ traditional lyric poetry/visual art that includes words/poetic films/music/interactive multimedia dance performance/etc, can I still apply?
Oh yes. Please. We are interested in creating conversation/dialog/ exploration about poetry and the senses, with a focusing lens of RECLAMATION, in the broadest iterations and incarnations.

Hey, can I submit more than one application?
Each applicant can submit only one application, per application period.

I realize I made a mistake, can I change or resubmit my application?
Nope, sorry. You can only submit once so make sure it is correct before hitting the submit button! You are able to toggle back and forth between questions, with your information saved. Once you hit submit, the application cannot be reopened/changed.

How many fellows are chosen in each fellowship cohort?
Four fellows will be chosen from UC Berkeley/SF Bay Area for a year-long fellowship (one in each category: UCB Graduate student, UCB Undergraduate Student, UCB Faculty, and Bay Area Community Applicant/local poet). In spring 2023, they will join four fellows chosen from UH Mānoa/O’ahu for the semester (one in each category: UH Graduate student, UH Undergraduate Student, UH Faculty, and O’ahu Community Applicant/local poet) and 3 fellows from the Nez Perce writing group Luk’upshímey. These 11 fellows will work with and have their meetings facilitated by Craig Santos Perez (UH) and Beth Piatote (ARC Director).

In fall 2023, the four Berkeley fellows will join four poetry fellows from ASU and three additional fellows from Luk’upshímey, along with facilitators Natalie Diaz (ASU) and Beth Piatote (Berkeley).

Can I apply for the UC Berkeley faculty fellowship if I am a lecturer at this university?
YES! This slot is open beyond the traditional ladder faculty rank, and available to those holding a lectureship position. However, we can currently only provide a semester course release to ladder rank faculty. If you are a student teaching in a graduate/PhD program, you must apply in the graduate student category.

Can I apply for the UH Mānoa faculty fellowship if I am a lecturer at this university?
YES! This slot is open for UH beyond the traditional ladder faculty rank, and available to those holding a lectureship position. However, if you are a student teaching in a graduate/PhD program, you must apply in the graduate student category.

Can I apply in more than one category (like grad student and community applicant)?
No. Applicants must choose only one category/application type.

Can I write my answers to the questions in a doc and copy/paste into the form?
Absolutely! In fact, we suggest that in order to not go over the word count, and so you are happy with the content.

When I pasted my answers into the form, my sentences in bold/italic disappeared. What’s up?
I know, such a bother. The form is limited to basic text. Please put quotes around italicized bits and you’ll just have to forego the bold.

If chosen for a fellowship, can fellows defer their award for a semester, if taking a gap year or a sabbatical?
Sorry, but your award is for the specific semester you were chosen, and the theme you applied under. If a fellow cannot take part in their award, we will offer the space to the first runner-up in the category. But if you decide to take the semester off, we hope you will apply again!

If chosen for a fellowship, can fellows apply for a second opportunity?
Sorry, but applicants can only be chosen for one fellow cohort. Since there are only a limited number of fellows chosen per fellowship cohort, we are trying to share the wealth!

If I’m not chosen for 2023 fellowship, can I apply for the 2024 Fellowship?
Yes! Please do! Please be aware, the theme will change.

How do you define “Bay Area” for Community Applicants?
If you live in one of the six following Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco, or Santa Clara. If you have any questions about your status, please email Laurie Macfee at macfee@berkeley.edu.

How much are the stipends?
Each fellow will receive a $3,000 stipend per semester (Berkeley/Bay area fellows will receive a total of $6,000 since their fellowship lasts the year). UC Berkeley ladder faculty will receive the funds in their research accounts, lecturers will receive a stipend. Berkeley students receiving financial aid may want to check with Cal Central that they have room in their package for the stipends; if not, there is a Cost of Attendance adjustment form, please talk with the financial aid office for more info. UH, ASU, and l’ukupshímey fellows will receive the funds by check.

How does the stipend work?
The $3,000 stipend per semester will be awarded in one lump sum, mid-semester. In fall it should arrive in October, in spring it will arrive in March.

I’d like to apply with my collaborator. Can this happen?
No, each of you needs to apply as an individual. But if you both get in, you can absolutely create work together!

Where will the meetings be held?
The working group meetings will be held on Zoom, bi-monthly. Visiting Writer readings will happen online along with craft talks. The readings will be live-streamed for participants outside the area.

How do you judge submissions?
The judges are chosen from the Poetry and the Senses board (list here) and ARC staff, including the director and associate director (here), along with facilitators from each additional university and group. The list of judges will be announced when the fellowships are awarded. Each submission is given a minimum of 2 independent scores and the cohort is reviewed and chosen collectively from the aggregated top scores in each category (under grad, grad, faculty, community). Criteria include how each applicant engaged with the theme, their thoughts about collaboration, the aims they had for their poetry and building community, and the strength of their writing. We also factored in how applicants’ aims, interests, and styles might cohere as a group.

I do other creative work that informs my poetry, or create poetry in a form beyond the page (film, music, visual art, performance). How do I show you this work?

Great question! There is a place on the application for you to list a URL (or several) to a website, or other documentation of your work online. If the work does not exist online, please email Laurie Macfee for more information: macfee@berkeley.edu.

I notice we are only allowed to submit up to 5 poems, 7 pgs maximum. I have one 25 pg poem, may I submit it? Or can I put two poems on a page?

Sorry, but each applicant is allowed a maximum of 5 poems in 7 pages. One poem per page. If you have a long poem, please let us know at the top of your submission that this is a sample from a longer work, and then pick what you most want the judges to see.

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