Thought Log #15

The dawn is the opposite direction.

Follow the lacy trails through the valley of doom.

I dim from the outside & quiver on the inside.

Siren sounds from the bog.

Flamadiddle, Long Roll, Ratamacue.

Swollen glimmers, bewildered chickens.

We met in a tasting parlor.

Stonecrop, scotch broom, willets.

Sentence without verbs.

Amber light radiates from turnpike.

Scratchy cough, fever aches. 

Weather insurance is an untapped marketplace.

In a headspace I hardly imagined.

A drive through testing center in Richmond.

The leopard chased the gazelle via a dating app.

The pain twins have arrived.

Thought Log #16

I experience grief in space.

Phantom smells, Weeping Elm.

Swing hips if shoulders continue to hurt.

An untimely breath.

We remain speechless participants.

Barnacles, scrap metal, tree chimes.

Transparent prisons. 

From inside, I can hear the tree cutters.

Bone tongue, meadow slots, sparse joggles.

Remnants of past occupants.

I quit Facebook & feel better now.

Pop-up armies, drizzle stores.

Archive of gingko leaves in El Cerrito.

Joy tussles, forest cats, polka facades.

Altars for loved ones.

Thought Log #17

Mind shag, vein stud, botch cradle.

Neurosurgeon removes section of skull to access aneurysm.

I keep my (blank) on my (blank) whenever I’m (blank).

Attorney cat, loose mittens, trope harvest.

I’m smothered with feathers.

Color psychology for film directors.

Banging on pots & pans through the night.

Eel grass, pickleweed, loquat.

I offer guilt pancakes at your service.

Computer code & the sickly world of soap operas.


Does the writing shed light on the issue of mania curatives?

Capricorn underworld.

Research for punk rock retirement home.

Almond bangs, pasty babies, sparrow blurs.

We enter the magic outside.


Alternating Currents – Remnants & Rudiments (documentary fragments)

Maw Shein Win is an ARC Spring 2021 Poetry and the Senses fellow. This poem was written while on fellowship.