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The Art of Occupy

Someone sent me an email recently asking “where are the artists” in the Occupy Cal movement. My short answer would be: everywhere. From my perch on the sidelines, I have observed arts embedded in the protests and demonstrations in a number of ways and on a number of levels. Some echo long-standing traditions of protest. Folk singers and gospel choirs have sung from the steps of Sproul Hall.

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BAY AREA ARTS: PAI and Pocha Nostra

Last week offered the chance to experience two important time-based art initiatives in one evening. The Performance Art Institute, initially conceived with Marina Abramovic and now led entirely by her co-founder Stephen Tourrell, has an absolutely incredible space (I should say spaces) on Sutter Street.
As a partner in the already successful Toomey Tourrell gallery, Stephen has turned his attention to performance and has secured a multi-storied space for rehearsal, performance, and display. It also has rooms to house visiting groups and a variety of sequestered convivial spaces throughout. How did he do it?

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