Arts + Design + Public Life 

Climate and Environment:

Conceived in partnership with the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) and the Energy and Resources Group (ERG), this domain addresses the scientific, political, policy, and disciplinary coalitions necessary to create robust public art engagement in energy and climate change research, as well as best practices for engaging the arts and design in movements for environmental awareness.


Equity, Diversity, and Social Impact:

While many research domains implicitly and explicitly contribute to social impact, this domain focuses on the histories, futures, and competing goals in joining the arts and design to movements for equity and social justice, offering plans that align our departments, centers, and initiatives into a shared platform with a robust vision for the future.

  • Watch: Open Engagement 2016, Oakland Keynote – Angela Davis



Arts, Business and Cultural Enterprise:

Working across the arts, humanities, social sciences, policy, and business, this domain investigates old and new models of funding, patronage, investment, and entrepreneurship that value creative labor and that sustain artistic cultures in local, national, and international communities. Considering multi-sector or “fourth sector” economic models, this domain explores both new business models for the arts as well as new methods for integrating the arts into business.


The Arts and Urban Design:

Building upon coalitions created within and outside the Global Urban Humanities Initiative, this domain identifies key goals in urban art research for UC Berkeley, considering its status as both a Bay Area and a global research university invested in the future of sustainable cities and urban design across many forms.



Global Cultures:

On a campus that cultivates the study of creative practices from every region of the world, this research domain considers the historic, political and conceptual role of arts/design/culture in international and global contexts, considering what it means to move from a “world arts” context to a “global arts” context that might contribute to the Berkeley Global Campus curriculum.



Health and Wellness:

At a time when many universities have developed innovative arts and design platforms within the health sciences—positioning the sustainability of the arts as public health issue, this team excavates synergies across Schools, programs, departments, and co-curricular units to articulate UC Berkeley’s resources and its potential contribution to this growing field.



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