Creativity is a Public Good

Slide1Exhibiting a painting.

Designing an app.

Applying algorithms to compose a piece of music.

Creating a sculpture out of metal, clay, or paper.

Singing in a chorus.

Designing a building or a public park.

Playing in a symphony.

Dancing in a show.

Creating an exhibition on the genome.

Storyboarding a film.

Directing a performance.

Designing a stage set.

Writing a novel.

Mining the connection between music and physics.


Creativity is a Public Good.


The arts, together with the creative design fields, encourage risk and creativity; they teach collaboration and compassion; they join the conceptual with the pragmatic; they bring international cultures into bracing dialogue. For these reasons alone, they already play a critical role in higher education—and must continue to do so.

Together, The Arts + Design Initiative with the Arts Research Center will feature, fortify, and mobilize existing excellence in the arts and design at UC Berkeley, while fostering new forms of dynamic collaboration, innovation, and public access across all arts and design fields, on our campus and in public life.