Valuing Labor in the Arts: A Practicum

DSC_9617This past April, ARC presented Valuing Labor in the Arts: A Practicum. This event hosted eight artist-led workshops in the UC Berkeley Museum of Art that developed exercises, prompts, or actions to engage questions of art, labor, and economics; the program also included a series of commissioned writings by critics and researchers whose work focuses on artistic labor and cultural economies in a special two-part issue of Art Practical, a leading Bay Area online platform. Both the publication and practicum asked: What kinds of tactics allow artists to create a sense of agency regarding the economics of creative production? What are the key questions artists should ask themselves in defining standards for valuing their labor? How might artists and cultural producers disseminate or appropriate successful models to accomplish their own projects? How do different artistic forms (visual, public, relational, choreographic, theatrical) engage and revise different types of art economies?

Find the special two-part issue of Art Practical here.