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Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester

Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester from Associate Vice Chancellor for the Arts + Design and ARC Director Shannon Jackson It’s an exciting start to the fall semester, and already our many departments, centers, museums, labs, and theaters are mobilizing the creativity of our campus with new classes, exhibits, performances, lectures, and social events. It is also […]

Curating People: Erin Boberg Doughton

I came to PICA through a performance background in theatre, dance and music. Starting on the ground floor of a new organization I was part of a small team working with artists in both visual art and performance. With each project I learned a new set of skills, generally related to connecting artists with the human and/or physical resources they needed to make their work happen, teaming them with designers, technicians and thinkers in our community as well as spaces, materials, and tools.

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Curating People: Shannon Jackson

Alright, this a broad-stroked exercise that reduces the terms that precede and follow both sides of the “turn.” And of course, I would not want to say that I have concretely left one kind of position and concretely entered another kind of position. But the exercise does allow me to say a bit more about what it means to come to the question of Curating People as someone who first studied theater and wrote a first book on social reform history.

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As noted in another post, in September, I finally had the chance to meet Stan Lai—the great Taiwanese playwright, theatre director and Berkeley grad— as part of a Berkeley-Taipei celebration.
How terrific then to be able see him and his work back in the Bay Area when his new work, THE VILLAGE, made its Bay Area premiere at the Flint Center in Cupertino. The show completely sold out the thousand plus auditorium, and I felt quite privileged to be in the midst of the exhilarated crowd. While I had read in advance as much as I could in English, I was still astounded by the poignance, humor, and scale of The Village.

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BAY AREA ARTS: The Brother/Sister Plays

McCraney’s reputation as one of the “hottest” “emerging” American playwrights only begins to do justice to his skill and depth of vision, and the decision on the part of A.C.T., Marin Theatre, and the Magic to bring the trilogy to the Bay Area allowed audiences here to see why. McCraney grew up in the housing projects of Liberty City in Miami-Dade County and describes his work as an attempt to bring forward the theatricality of that landscape into theaters unused to experiencing it.

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