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Creative Time 2013: Hannah Merriman

An artist organizes a political rally about a local issue. The project, which is supported by a local arts center in a medium-size city, fails to attract many local residents; only a couple dozen people show up, most of whom work at the arts center. The event is documented on video and presented as part of an exhibition. In truth, the artist can claim to have organized a rally?” This is one of the provocative questions that Pablo Helguera raises in his bookEducation for Socially Engaged Art.

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Occupy as Form: Byron Peters

Paul Virilio wrote “history progresses at the speed of its weapons systems” and The Invisible Committee has declared, “the world would not be moving so fast if it didn’t have to constantly outrun its own collapse.” The workings of a society ridden with the manifestations of capital are caught between seemingly opposing polarities of conception of time.

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