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ART/CITY: Dawn Weleski

“I will not bomb Iran” is the promise with which I christened my class at the International Studies Academy in Potrero Hill. For ten weeks, Mr. Hall, the international relations teacher, has allowed an artist to take over his class and collaborate with his students on a project; but let’s not talk politics; but why not?

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Like so many others who attended SITUATED on Monday, I returned to the mayhem of other responsibilities, but I found myself returning again and again to the ideas shared and questions explored. Here are some of my reflections, and I would love to hear what is preoccupying you.
Expanded Art Inside Artistic Silos or “How many people can you make love you” (Theaster Gates): So this is an ARC theme, and we found it again in the world of socially-engaged art. While so many of us make or support engaged work that “crosses” art forms, we are situated in different art worlds that define that crossing. Who reviews? Who commissions? Who grants? Who collects? (And do you aspire to be collectible?)

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