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Reimagining the Urban: Ying-Fen Chen

A Vision of Site-Responsive Arts Collaborations in Communities

It had been a blue Monday for me before I arrived at the symposium, Reimagining the Urban: Bay Area Connections Across the Arts and Public Space, at noon. I had just finished a class in the morning and was still suffering from the flu. In the crowded auditorium, there weren’t many seats left, but I found one next to a stranger. After brief introductions, I lapsed into silence and wished the symposium end soon that I could go home to recover from my virus. Ten minutes later, in the third section of the day, I not only knew the name of the stranger near me, but had enjoyed a stimulating conversation with her about her vision—site-responsive community-led arts collaborations—against the gentrification phenomenon in Bay Area.

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ART/CITY: Dawn Weleski

“I will not bomb Iran” is the promise with which I christened my class at the International Studies Academy in Potrero Hill. For ten weeks, Mr. Hall, the international relations teacher, has allowed an artist to take over his class and collaborate with his students on a project; but let’s not talk politics; but why not?

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