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The Cherry Orchard

At the start of the twentieth century, as Russia rolls toward revolution, widowed Ranyevskaya returns home after a decade abroad to discover that her estate and its cherry orchard are at risk of being sold. In Chekhov’s great classic, Ranyevskaya and her family must confront their shifting fortunes in order to save their beloved orchard, […]

Queerness and Games Conference 2015

The Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon) is an annual, community-oriented, nationally-recognized event dedicated to exploring the intersection of LGBTQ issues and video games. Now in its third year, QGCon is held on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. The event is free to the public. In 2015, QGCon will be held at […]

Romantic Anatomies of Performance

Professor of Music James Q. Davies is a historian of nineteenth-century musical training and performance. In his book, Romantic Anatomies of Performance (University of California Press, 2014), he explores immersive modes of knowing and being with music.

Design at Large: Scaling the Studio and the Lab to the Globe

CS Division Seminar with Dr. Scott Klemmer, Associate Professor,  Departments of Cognitive Science and Computer Science & Engineering, UC San Diego The studio is a hallmark trait of design education and practice. Working in a shared space, students solicit each others’ help and gain wisdom by seeing their peers’ work and failures, successes, and evolutions. How might we […]

Art + Village + City Exhibition

An exhibition exploring Two Cities, Four Villages, and the Uses of Art in the Pearl River Delta in Southern China. Curated by Margaret Crawford and Winnie Wong. Featuring works by the Art+Village+City Research Studio UC Berkeley, Shimura Bros. & Olafur Eliasson, Sascha Pohle, and Josa Figueroa.

Questioning Aesthetics: Mapping the Conversation

Mapping the Conversation The Questioning Aesthetics Symposium takes up the term aesthetics as both the subject and object of critique, and as a way to explore and expand new forms of aesthetics research in many disciplines. In relation to the evolving conversations around participation, computing and the contemporary, scholars and artists from around the US will come […]