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Spiraling Time: Reflections on Leda Martins

In her address, Leda Martins asked us to consider the varying aspects of time in Brazilian performance art. Her lecture was different than most I have ever attended in its degree of participation. Leda focused on experience rather than recounting events. She did not just tell us about these great dances, she showed them, had us sing along, and even utilized three different performers throughout her lecture to draw us into the realm as the original viewer and not a listener of a secondhand account.

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Occupy as Form: Joseph Thomas

What constitutes a movement? It does not seem to be a question of scale (a large united group does not necessarily make a movement), but one of organization, or, to be more precise, a lack of organization. A movement can encompass any number of organizations, fronts, or parties, but even as it binds them together, it reaches beyond them. A movement does not call for any specific action (negotiating the question of tactics) but nevertheless has a will for action: and this will is the common ground that forms the movement.

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