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Valuing Labor in the Arts: Renee Rhodes

Ok, so I have been working on a project with a friend and I am thinking about ways to get heavier on purpose, un-interface my need for collectivity, and to settle endless desiring and the pursuing precariousness.

I wrote a little shortie poem, related-ish…
part of desire and want and longing are done for survival
right, like if we didn’t hungrily want our mothers milk no calcium would get to our young baby bones and we would die

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Occupy as Form: Evan Buswell

The actions of occupiers this autumn were centered around the general assembly, which functioned symbolically as almost the embodiment of collectivity itself. This immediately deteriorated. All who camped at occupations realized this quickly; others took longer to see the deterioration. By this winter, occupations nationwide find themselves embrioled in arguments about autonomous actions. But consensus and autonomy are both understood mythically.’

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