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City, Arts and Public Spaces: Julia Bryan-Wilson

I’ve started to note what happens when “art” goes plural to become “arts,” as it has in the title “City, Arts, and Public Spaces”: how, and in what contexts, does this multiplicity matter? Art historians often assume that the definition of art in its singular form defaults to the realm of the visual, as if the concerns of, say, painting, photography, and sculpture are distinct from those of literature, music, or dance.

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The Seven Recurring Puzzles of Equity in Place-making

The Arts Research Center recently participated in a convening at YBCA organized by Emerging Arts Professionals / SF Bay Area which, among other goals, allowed participants to connect, share knowledge, and examine opportunities and pitfalls when working with hybrid arts and neighborhood revitalization projects. ARC Director Shannon Jackson and Associate Director Michele Rabkin presented these seven “Recurring Puzzles” of Equity in Place-making that have begun to take form through ARC’s work with the Art + NEIGHBORHOOD research team, and in particular through conversations at the ART/CITY symposium.

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