Poetry and the Senses Application FAQs

I create prose poetry / hybrid work / experimental or political or traditional lyric poetry / visual art that includes words / poetic films / music / interactive multimedia dance performance / etc, can I still apply?
Oh yes. Please. We are interested in creating conversation/dialog/ exploration about poetry and the senses, with a focusing lens of EMERGE/NCY, in the broadest iterations and incarnations.

Hey, can I submit more than one application?
Each applicant can submit one application, per semester (for example, spring 2021).

I realize I made a mistake, can I change or resubmit my application?
Nope, sorry. You can only submit once so make sure it is correct before hitting the submit button!

How many fellows are chosen each semester?
Eight fellows are chosen each semester, two in each category: UC Berkeley Graduate students, UCB Undergraduate Students, UCB Faculty, and Community Applicants/local poets.

Can I apply for the student/faculty slots if I am a student/faculty at another UC or other campus in the area?
You must be a matriculated UC Berkeley student or UCB ladder faculty to apply for those spots. But if you live in the Bay Area, you can apply in the community applicants section!

Can I apply for the UC Berkeley faculty fellowship if I am a lecturer?
Due to tricky regs, those slots are for ladder faculty only but please apply as a community applicant!

Can I apply in more than one category (like grad student and community applicant)?
No. Applicants must choose only one category/application type.

Can I write my answers to the questions in a doc and copy/paste into the form?
Absolutely! In fact, we suggest that in order to not go over the word count, and so you are happy with the content.

When I pasted my answers into the form, my sentences in bold/italic disappeared. What’s up?
I know, such a bother. The form is limited to basic text. Please put quotes around italicized bits and you’ll just have to forego the bold.

If chosen for spring 2021, can fellows extend to the fall cohort, or apply another time?
Sorry, but applicants can only be chosen for one fellow cohort. Since there are only 8 fellows chosen per semester, we are trying to share the wealth.

If I am not chosen for spring 2021, can I apply for the fall 2021 Fellowship cohort?
Yes! Please do!

How do you define Bay Area for Community Applicants?
If you live in one of the six following Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco, or Santa Clara. If you have any questions about your status, please email.

I am a senior at UC Berkeley, graduating in May 2021. Can I still apply for the fellowship?
Yes. The fellowship lasts from January until May.

How much are the stipends?
Each fellow will receive a $3,000 stipend, distributed mid-semester. Faculty will receive the funds in their research accounts. Students receiving financial aid may want to check with Cal Central that they have room in their package for a $3,000 stipend; if not, there is a Cost of Attendance adjustment form, please talk with the financial aid office for more info. Students can also receive 1 unit of course credit if they choose to.

How does the stipend work?
The $3,000 stipend will be awarded in March.

I’d like to apply with my collaborator. Can this happen?
No, each of you needs to apply as an individual. But if you both get in, you can absolutely create work together!

Where will the meetings be held?
Along with a majority of the UC Berkeley campus, the fellows meetings, events, and visiting writer readings will happen online in Zoom for the spring 2021 semester. More info can be found on Berkeley’s site here.