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ARC Fellows: catastropha

ARC Fellows: catastropha Submitted by our 2020 Poetry and the Senses Poetry Fellow: Rusty Morrison (Community Poet) Yesterday morning I took an hour from my work-life to write in my journal. These days of Covid19, of sheltering-at-home, have meant more work for me, not less, in the professional realm. Choosing to enter the journal’s poem-space […]

Contingent Intimacies: Queer Criticalities + Photographic Portraiture

Contingent Intimacies: Queer Criticalities + Photographic Portraiture By: Lindsey Pannor, April 2, 2020 At the end of February, curator Horace Ballad, Ph.D. visited us from WIlliams College to speak on his recent exhibit “possible selves: queer foto vernaculars.” Ballard is the Lead Curator of American Art at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), and […]

Opacities: Trans Visual Media

Opacities: Trans Visual Media By: Lindsey Pannor, April 2, 2020 March 31st marked the eleventh annual Trans Day of Visibility, perfectly cuing this reflection on our most recent event held on campus. Trans artists and activists Tourmaline and Chris Vargas came together to present their film work, followed by a conversation with Eric Stanley of […]

Syria’s Fraught Balance

Syria’s Fraught Balance By: Lindsey Pannor, February 26, 2020 Northwestern University’s Shanya Silverstein came to campus on February 19 to present a specific component of her current research: the traditional dance of dabke and its relationship to the contemporary political turmoil surrounding the Syrian civil war. This form of performance, which is deeply tied to […]

Celebrating Poetry and the Senses

Poetry and the Senses has launched! By: Lindsey Pannor, February 5, 2020 Our celebration of the launch of Poetry & the Senses was a joyous combination of indulgence in the arts and critical concern for this year’s theme. Participating readers—Indira Allegra, Chiyuma Elliot, and Lyn Hejinian—were introduced by our director Julia Bryan-Wilson, and further lauded […]

30th Annual Day With(out) Art

30th Annual Day With(out) Art By: Lindsey Pannor, January 9, 2020 December 1st is World AIDS Day, dedicated to a crisis which is still in its deepest throes. ARC co-sponsored a special film screening to commemorate the day with the California College of the Arts—this being the 30th Annual Day With(out) Arts film “Still Beginning.” […]

Launch of “Amateurism”

Launch of “Amateurism” By: Lindsey Pannor, January 27, 2020 On November 12 of this past year, ARC celebrated the completion of the upcoming issue of Third Text, a journal of critical perspectives on contemporary art and culture, guest edited in part by our director Julia Bryan-Wilson. We hosted a small get-together at the Beta Lounge […]