Daily Archives: February 27, 2020

Syria’s Fraught Balance

Syria’s Fraught Balance By: Lindsey Pannor, February 26, 2020 Northwestern University’s Shanya Silverstein came to campus on February 19 to present a specific component of her current research: the traditional dance of dabke and its relationship to the contemporary political turmoil surrounding the Syrian civil war. This form of performance, which is deeply tied to […]

Celebrating Poetry and the Senses

Poetry and the Senses has launched! By: Lindsey Pannor, February 5, 2020 Our celebration of the launch of Poetry & the Senses was a joyous combination of indulgence in the arts and critical concern for this year’s theme. Participating readers—Indira Allegra, Chiyuma Elliot, and Lyn Hejinian—were introduced by our director Julia Bryan-Wilson, and further lauded […]