Daily Archives: January 23, 2020

Poetry and the Senses Fellowship Information

what did i know about waters rushing back what did i know about drowning or being drowned -–Lucille Clifton Thanks to a generous multi-year grant from Engaging the Senses Foundation, the Arts Research Center (ARC) is hosting a fellowship program dedicated to exploring Poetry & the Senses. The program is grounded in the relevance and […]

Links to Poetry Orgs We Love

Who needs saving more than the one who forgot how the lazy cartographer mislabeled his birthplace as Loss? -–Kazim Ali, The Earthquake Days While by no means a comprehensive list, and in random order, here are some fabulous Bay Area (and beyond) poetry and writing connections: Poetry for the People UCB readings, bridging university and […]

Poetry & the Senses Readings

––we are always digging each other out from an intimatesort of rubble––– Natalie Diaz Visiting Writer, Flash, and Fellow Readings ARC has been fortunate to host an incredible array of visiting writers with our Poetry & the Senses initiative. Begun in January 2020, by this May we will have heard from 25 poets reading and […]