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Poetry and the Senses Fellowship Information

what did i know about waters rushing back what did i know about drowning or being drowned -–Lucille Clifton Community Applicants, please note: We are facing issues with our ucb_arts@berkeley.edu email address. Please email your CV and work sample to macfee@berkeley.edu, and CC lindseypannor@berkeley.edu. We will send a note confirming our reception of your message. […]

Links to Poetry Orgs We Love

Who needs saving more than the one who forgot how the lazy cartographer mislabeled his birthplace as Loss? -–Kazim Ali, The Earthquake Days While by no means a comprehensive list, and in random order, here are some fabulous Bay Area (and beyond) poetry and writing connections: Poetry for the People UCB readings, bridging university and […]

Poetry and the Senses Events

––we are always digging each other out from an intimatesort of rubble––Natalie Diaz Poetry & the Senses Spring 2021 Fellows Reading Monday, May 10th 2021 4:30-6:00pm PDT This event will take place on the ARC YouTube Channel, link here. Find the event description here. Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Natalie Diaz, and Aja Monet | Poetry readings + conversation […]