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Poetry and the Senses Application FAQs

I create prose poetry / hybrid work / experimental or political or traditional lyric poetry / visual art that includes words / poetic films / music / interactive multimedia dance performance / etc, can I still apply? Oh yes. Please. We are interested in creating conversation/dialog/ exploration about poetry and the senses, with a focusing […]

2020 Poetry and the Senses Fellows

Should I cry out and see what happens? –Frank O’Hara, Meditations in an Emergency I want to put down what the mountain has awakened. -–Vievee Francis, Forest Primevel Undergraduate Student Fellows: Menat Allah El Attma Emigrated from Egypt, Menat Allah El Attma majors in English Literature and Global Urban Humanities at UC Berkeley. She is […]

Poetry and the Senses Fellowship Information

what did i know about waters rushing back what did i know about drowning or being drowned -–Lucille Clifton, the lost baby poem ARC Fellows Program: Modeled on the pre-existing ARC Fellows Program, the core of the Poetry and the Senses grant will fund working groups that bring together faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and […]

Links to Poetry Orgs We Love

Who needs saving more than the one who forgot how the lazy cartographer mislabeled his birthplace as Loss? -–Kazim Ali, The Earthquake Days While by no means a comprehensive list, and in random order, here are some fabulous Bay Area (and beyond) poetry and writing connections: Townsend Center for the Humanities UCB readings and lectures, […]