Daily Archives: October 8, 2012


There is so much inequity across the globe that needs to be confronted, which is why it is so difficult to face head on. Thus, in order to fix the lack of fairness in the world we have to fix the issues one step at a time, in each country. For instance instead of attacking the globe, we need to address the inequalities of each nation starting from the smallness of injustice.

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Over the past summer, I went to China to visit my relatives. My mother’s side of the family lives in Nanjing, and my father’s family in Shandong. The most striking aspect of the entire trip was the wealth disparity; my mother’s parents came from better conditions and lived in a wealthier city, and while visiting her family, the general abundance seemed to permeate every aspect of the time I spent there.

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CREATIVE TIME: Rebecca Neumann

How we individually or collectively think about inequality has a huge effect on our political views, but it also implicitly affects so many other aspects of our lives as members of society. It shapes our understanding of our social circles, our jobs, our schools, and countless other things, and it penetrates each of those institutions so deeply that it affects assumptions about how societies work that are so fundamental that we aren’t usually aware that they’re even assumptions.

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