The Arts + Design Initiative

The Arts + Design Initiative at UC Berkeley reimagines the world by challenging convention to shape the future.

The Arts + Design Initiative will feature, fortify, and mobilize existing excellence in the arts and design at UC Berkeley, while fostering new forms of dynamic collaboration, innovation, and public access across all arts and design fields, on our campus and in public life.

While several peer universities have only recently committed to creating prominent arts profiles, Berkeley’s Arts + Design Initiative builds from a position of deep strength in the arts and design, cultivated over a century.

The Initiative seeks to make visible and accessible the enormous creative ethos on the campus and to synchronize the programming and operations of multiple units to claim UC Berkeley’s status as a global leader in the arts and design.

The arts and design permeate and galvanize new thinking and making in every domain of inquiry at Berkeley, working across the sciences, engineering, business, and technology and exploring creative cultures of all historical eras and regions of the world.

Social Impact
UC Berkeley claims and fortifies the role of the arts and design in advancing social justice, enacting our public mission by fostering diverse, equitable, and thriving creative cultures, collaborating with local organizations and with our global partners.

New Generations
The arts and design permeate all aspects of campus life, creating innovative pedagogy and enriched experiences for a large, intergenerational, and highly diverse population of future leaders and arts audiences.

UC Berkeley ensures that our students, faculty, staff, curators, collaborators, visiting artists, and designers work with cutting-edge technology and in 21st century arts and design venues that befit the world’s greatest public university.

We match UC Berkeley’s spirit of intellectual and artistic collaboration with strategies and incentives for operational collaboration, exploring multi-unit rather than single-unit operations in
programming, facilities, marketing, and fund-raising.

UC Berkeley fortifies and is fortified by its location in the increasingly thriving creative culture of the Bay Area, continuing to elevate the East Bay as a destination for those who seek participation in a diverse and dynamic arts and design landscape