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Exploration of Forms: Global Street Dance with Rashad Pridgen

Global Street dance is a unifying term that describes the various street/club dance styles that emerge from urban environments around the world. A constantly evolving art form with a foundation in freestyle and innovation, Global Street dances have individual titles, foundational steps, techniques and rules that are defined by the community of dancers from which […]

The Art of Memory: Music, Art, & Literature

Featuring a performance by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble playing an original composition by John MacCallum. Followed by a panel discussion with John MacCallum, guest artist Anne Tait, and Thomas Laqueur, author of The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains.

Rover Movement Series: The Air We Swim in and The Sea Inside

In this workshop, we will explore space in its multiple dimensions. Building off of diverse improvisational scores, we will move in varying textures and layers within and across spatial constraints. These borders will be as internal as our organs and our bones and as external as the multiple surfaces on the floor, walls, and surrounding […]