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A Week of Socially Engaged Art: October 6-12, 2014

Dive in and out of a week-long series of events, and meet artists and institutions that are making waves in the evolving practice of Socially Engaged Art!   This week, the Arts Research Center is partnering with the Center for Art and Inquiry at the Exploratorium as well as New York’s Blade of Grass, to program a series […]

Creative Time Live Stream

In October of 2012 and 2013, the Arts Research Center and the Curatorial Practice Program at the California College of the Arts partnered with Creative Time to host a live-streaming of their annual Creative Time Summit. The live-streaming event provided a collective viewing experience for Bay Area artists, curators, scholars, and activists who are concerned […]

Creative Time 2013: Kate Mattingly

Listening to speakers during the Creative Time Summit today, a keyword emerged that was not so much repeated throughout the afternoon (like “vibrant” or “grassroots,” both of which deserve more attention and analysis) but present through the presentations’ modes and priorities: demonstrate.

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ART/CITY: Kathleen Reinhardt

In relation to the arts and civic life, the question I am wrestling with right now is… how engagement-based practices through an anchoring of the artist in the community and space-making through art can occur and why. I am focusing on several projects by black artists (Wangechi Mutu, Edgar Archeneaux, Rick Lowe, Theaster Gates) committed to creating sustainable cultural moments, and how these cultural moments can be of importance not only for the community they are created in, but also for an art audience.

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