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Reimagining the Urban: Ava Roy

In my experience, one of the most unique and profound joys of working site-specifically is developing an intimate relationship with the elemental forces of the environment. While striving to build a coherent world and intricate structure (and to clearly tell the story of the play), within the sweeping scale of massive outdoor sites is challenging enough. The challenge is intensified by the completely unpredictable atmospheric input – while rehearsing and performing, we find ourselves in searing heat or bone-chilling damp cold, we face blasts of powerful winds off the Pacific, we are in turns shrouded in fog, then squinting into blazing sun…

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Spiraling Time: Leandro Katz

A work consisting of photograph taken through an analytical process that concentrates on the same sight, recording the passing of natural events in their relation to historical ones.
The work is thought as
1) Nature as an analogue of history and against the classical idea of nature as renewal, but of dominated nature: nature as ruins.

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