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For me, one of the places where this kind of practice emerged is the series of concerts that La Monte Young organized at Yoko Ono’s loft in 1960-1961. It included work by composers and musicians (Henry Flynt, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Richard Maxfield and others), with experimental dance (Simone Forti), poetry and theater (Jackson MacLow), and a sculptural installation (Robert Morris).

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MAKING TIME: Mark Franko

The debate over Michael Fried’s “Art and Objecthood” some time ago raised an awareness that sculpture could be a time-based art, and that the time of art belonged principally to the beholder in a situation of viewing that Fried characterized negatively as “theatrical” but that was also reclaimed positively by others. Since then I think the term “theatricality” has given way to the term interdisciplinarity.

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Making Time at Human Resources: Shannon Jackson

So my first question is a potential critique of my own habits of framing these discussions. I have been trying to create fora that allow people to reflect upon the continued “disciplinarity” of so-called “interdisciplinary” art, to come clean about the fact that people who proceed from different artistic sectors have different skills, institutional habits, barometers for engaging quality, and often a different sense of what the stakes are, where innovation lies, what looks mediocre or passé.

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