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As noted in another post, in September, I finally had the chance to meet Stan Lai—the great Taiwanese playwright, theatre director and Berkeley grad— as part of a Berkeley-Taipei celebration.
How terrific then to be able see him and his work back in the Bay Area when his new work, THE VILLAGE, made its Bay Area premiere at the Flint Center in Cupertino. The show completely sold out the thousand plus auditorium, and I felt quite privileged to be in the midst of the exhilarated crowd. While I had read in advance as much as I could in English, I was still astounded by the poignance, humor, and scale of The Village.

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ARTS ELSEWHERE: Berkeley-Taipei Forum

Our colleague YEH Wen-hsin helped to engineer an incredible memorandum of agreement between UC-Berkeley and Taiwan’s educational ministry. To celebrate, the university organized the Berkeley-Taipei Forum in which two distinguished alums and Taiwanese citizens—Stan Lai and Kris Yao—were invited to speak about their work in theatre and architecture respectively.

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