Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts

Number Zero (a space opera) Version 2.0
“….truly a piece for our times.” – Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian

March 19-21, 2015
8pm Shows
Joe Goode Annex
1310 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts is proud to announce the return of Number Zero (a space opera) Version 2.0, a highly physical, semi-improvised, evening-length dance theater performance about a small band of humans who live in a future world controlled by a sentient computer leader.

Performers Deanna Bangs, James Graham, Ian Heisters, Pei-Ling Kao, Janine Trinidad, and Cuauhtémoc Peranda join Smith and Wymore on stage. An additional “role” is performed by the computer operating system, whose protocols were conceived and developed jointly by Smith and Heisters. In the spirit of Merce Cunningham’s chance operations Number Zero prevents the performers from memorizing any given sequence of movements in advance. This creates surprising, funny, poignant, and utterly unpredictable choices to happen on the stage.

The show is both a game and an experiment in real-time computer augmented performance that plays with the familiar sci-fi tropes of humans ruled by the machines that they themselves brought to life. The latest version will be completely revamped and re-imagined. Number Zero runs: