CHARETTE: Ken Goldberg

Continuing our practice of providing UCB faculty with an opportunity to share work-in-progress, ARC hosted a Charrette for Ken Goldberg who is preparing a new work to open at the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum in the spring.
Ken asked us to invite a selected group of faculty to help him think about the formal structure of an installation entitled “Are We There Yet?” which will invite receivers to reflect upon the interrogative impulses behind the dynamic construction of past and contemporary Jewish identity.  It will also be employing systems developed by Meyer Sound as well as Ken’s team of doctoral students in his robotics lab at UCB to create an installation that responds sonically to receivers’ movements in the space.  With faculty and graduate students from dance, art history, art practice, architecture, engineering, and Jewish studies gathered together in one space, Ken’s work provided a space for a truly interdisciplinary dialogue that, as Ken said later, inspired him to “keep questioning questioning.”  I know that we are all looking forward to the opening in late March.