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Curating People: Betti-Sue Hertz

Somewhere along the way in the late 1980s things shifted. I was a young visual artist living in a loft in downtown Manhattan where I made my paintings and sculptures, mostly highly charged abstract works. I kept myself on a rather rigorous art-making schedule. During the day, I was curating exhibitions in the South Bronx at a small alternative exhibition space as well as cemeteries and industrial parks. It was this combination that caused the crisis.

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Curating People: Erika Balsom

My research focuses on how and why the projected image has emerged as a major feature of artistic production over the past two decades. In addition to the analysis of key artworks, a significant component of this project has involved examining the various strategies curators and artists have used to display moving images in a gallery/museum space. These can range from the innovative to the exploitative, from the refreshing to the careless.

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Curating People: Shannon Jackson

Alright, this a broad-stroked exercise that reduces the terms that precede and follow both sides of the “turn.” And of course, I would not want to say that I have concretely left one kind of position and concretely entered another kind of position. But the exercise does allow me to say a bit more about what it means to come to the question of Curating People as someone who first studied theater and wrote a first book on social reform history.

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