Cal Performances Residency: The Nile Project

Cal Performances Residency:
The Nile Project


February 18-20, 2015

In a striking example of Cal Performances’ commitment to providing a rich artistic and cultural experience through an extensive campus residency, The Nile Project at UC Berkeley offers multiple opportunities for dialogue around global issues, providing an impetus for audiences to become involved in real-life change. In a historic first, Nile Basin instrumentalists and vocalists collaborate to use the power of music to raise awareness of the cultural and environmental challenges along the world’s longest river. For one week in Berkeley, Cal Performances and the Nile Project take you on a journey to experience the musical foundations for productive cross-cultural interaction.

Events will Include:

Civic Engagement and the Management of Water Resources
Wednesday, February 18, 12:30 pm

The Nile Project Concert
Thursday, February 19, 8 pm

The Nile and African Identity: Panel Discussion
Friday, February 20, 2 pm

Music Collaboration: Lecture Demonstration
Friday, February 20, 4 pm

Food Along the Nile
Friday, February 20, 6 pm

Community Music
Friday, February 20, 7:30 pm

For complete event information, please visit the following website.