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While we take preliminary steps to catalyze creative thinking, learning, and making on our campus and in our public life, one of the Arts + Design Initiative’s first projects will be to build a new arts and design website that makes visible the sheer range of what we have to offer on this incredible campus and in our wider community.

In the meantime, ARC and its current website will continue to promote innovative research, creation in the arts and design, AND simultaneously expand our “PICKS” to feature a wider panoply of activity and engagement opportunities. At a time when so many tout the importance of “creativity,” UC Berkeley offers a distinctively bracing context for creative experiment, one enriched by the scientific and cultural wealth of a world-class research university, and propelled by an historic public mission committed to access, equity and social impact.

As our faculty, students, and collaborators explore the arts and design in relation to new technologies, as a force in a globalizing world, and as a platform to advance the public interest, ARC | Arts + Design seeks to dynamize and to publicize a wide range of creative inquiry.

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