AAVP: Arts and Creativity Fund

The Arts and Creativity Fund provides financial assistance to students and student groups that seek to enhance the exposure of visual, performing, and creative art endeavors on campus. The objective of the program is to foster greater creativity through arts on campus.  Funding is allocated to students or groups that organize and widely advertise artistic events.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis by the ASUC Academic Affairs Office.  All registered individuals and student groups are encouraged to apply for a grant up to $500 per event.  The Committee may waive this limit under compelling circumstances.  Since all graduate and professional student fees are directed to the Graduate Assembly, undergraduates will have the highest priority for this fund, though we do encourage all students to apply.  Applicants who have not received funding in the past will be given greater consideration.  Awards are contingent upon the availability of current funds and the number of received applications.

Fall 2015 Application Submissions will be open from 09/14/2015 to 11/20/2015.

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