Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

Studio Time: Process/Production

Glenn Adamson, Head of Research at the Victoria and Albert Museum, visited campus in October 2012 and gave a talk titled “Goodbye to Craft.” Adamson is the author of Thinking through Craft, editor of The Craft Reader, co-editor of The Journal of Modern Craft, and one of the leading thinkers on the concept of craft […]

Location/Translation: Art + Engagement from the Local to the Global

Timed to coincide with SFMOMA’s transnational exhibition, “Lines of Flight,” a panel of curators, artists, and scholars discussed how regional circumstances affect curatorial practice in international art contexts–and how “global” conversations can redefine what we think of as “local” production. The roster included curators from local organizations such as Kadist West, CCA, and SFMOMA as […]